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Is building your brand seems so laborious and expensive? Are you frustrated that the market does not see the value of your brand? Do you feel that your brand is still stuck at the same place despite implementing many different campaigns and tactics? Are you wondering what else you can do to bring your brand to the next level? Have you lost the joy of steering your brand to greater heights? Or you’re simply frustrated that the organisation is not working in sync to deliver the brand promise!

This book is the answer to help brand owners, business leaders and marketers to unleash the untapped brand value within their organisations. It is designed to fill the knowledge gap in brand building and give businesses a concise framework to start building their brands in the right direction. This book describes the process and steps in a simple, practical and straightforward manner that readers can easily understand and take away to implement immediately to accelerate their brand growth.

About The Author - Ms Catherine Chai

Catherine’s career spans over 20 years in marketing and brand consultancy. She is the founder and owner of Broc Consulting, a brand advisory firm based in Singapore. Catherine works passionately with forward-looking companies to increase their brand building capabilities and train their employees to live and breathe their brands. Having worked with hundreds of business leaders to build their brands, she knows that successful and purposeful brands are not the result of more resources but the result of vision, action and commitment.